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About our prices

All our treatments require a detailed, one-to-one consultation with our aesthetics professional, Jackie Holden RGN INP, ahead of booking. This is to ensure you choose a treatment that’s safe, appropriate and effective, and helps achieve your desired results. Our consultations cover your unique skincare needs, your medical history, and any costings involved. While a £100 fee is required for the consultation, this is deposit against any treatments you may choose to have afterwards.


Ways to pay

For any treatments and skincare at Brighton Beautiful:

  • We accept all major debit and credit cards and cash
  • We don’t accept Diners card and cheques
  • We may offer GoCardless, an interest-free monthly direct debit plan

If you have any queries about payment or our direct debit plan, please get in touch.

Treatments Price

Hyalaronic Acid Dermal Fillers from £300
Radiesse + (Dermal Filler) from £375
Ellanse from £375
Sculptra from £400
Anti-wrinkle Treatment (1 area) from £250
Anti-wrinkle Treatment (2 areas) from £295
Anti-wrinkle Treatment (3 areas) from £350
No charge for small extra areas such as bunny lines etc
Dermapen® from £250 per session
Profhilo - per treatment £275
Profhilo - 5 treatments (prepaid) £1100
Profhilo - Body £350
PRP - 1 treatment £450
PRP - Hair stimulation treatment £350
Skinko E £150
Sunekos 1200 £200
Sunekos 200 - 1 treatment £200
Sunekos 200 - 4 treatments (prepaid) £600
Deso Fat Dissolving - Face Treatment From £350 per area
Deso Fat Dissolving - Body Treatment From £250 per vial
Thermavein From £150 per treatment
Cryotherapy from £100
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