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Cryotherapy is used for the removal of skin tags, pigmentation marks and seborrhoea keratosis (raised areas of sun damage).

A fine jet of liquid nitrous oxide is used to freeze the area to be treated, which gradually flakes off. This is very cold and relatively painless. Treatment is usually one or two treatments.

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Our treatments are led by Jackie Holden, a Registered General Nurse and Independent Nurse Prescriber with over 15 years’ experience in aesthetic nursing. Here’s what you can expect when you choose our Brighton skin clinic for your treatment:

  • Thorough consultation, covering medical history, results and concerns
  • Detailed aftercare, so you can achieve the best possible results
  • Extensive range of treatments, to rejuvenate skin and build confidence
  • Generous loyalty plan with monthly rewards and offers tailored to you
  • An interest-free monthly plan, to help spread the cost of your treatment
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‘”Jackie is so kind & friendly, she really listens to what you want & will do her very best to help you achieve your goals. The clinic is private & modern & always spotless. I would recommend Brighton Beautiful to anyone.”

Sarah G

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Your questions answered

About Cryotherapy

  • Does Cryotherapy hurt?

    Cryopen is virtually pain free and without the need for anaesthetic cream. A fine jet of liquid nitrogen at very low temperatures is used to treat the affected area.

  • What can I expect from my results?

    You can expect the removal and reduction of the pigmentation. Initially the skin turns a little darker and the skin brushes off the area after around a week.

  • Are there any risks?

    Cryopen treatment has minimal risks. There may however be temporary pigmentary changes in the treated area. There may be slight blistering. The treatment is suitable for all skin types.

  • Is there anything I should avoid?

    No need to avoid anything pre or post treatment. The use of spf after treatment is advised.

  • What other treatments should I try?

    Larger skin tags may not be suitable for treatment with the cryopen, other options can be discussed. If the area has widespread pigmentation then a chemical peel or Ipl laser may be an alternative.

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