SPRING TREATMENT OFFER: Silhouette Soft Thread Lift including Ellansè treatment Complimentary (worth £650).
The ultimate treatment combination; First we lift the skin tissue with Silhouette Soft followed by adding volume to reshape the facial contours with Ellansè.
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Why Silhouette Soft®?

Silhouette Soft ® is a non-invasive thread lift treatment to redefine your facial contours. Achieving subtle and natural results that last for up to 18 months from one treatment.

I am one of the very select few nurses trained in the most up to date technique from Silhouette Soft with over 5 years experience with treating my patients.

Each suture is completely reabsorbed by the body and is broken down into co2 and h2o.

The innovative threads also work to stimulate the skin’s own collagen production, and therefore also help to increase volume and define the shape of the face gradually and naturally.

Silhouette Soft ® is made in the USA and was developed as a result of 6 years’ experience in reconstructive surgery.

The treatment is effective as a stand-alone procedure but can also work well in conjunction with Dermal Fillers and Wrinkle Relaxing Injections.

Treatment benefits:

  • Contours the face, jaw, jowls and cheeks
  • It provides a long lasting effect (for up to 18 months) from one treatment
  • Silhouette Soft® has an immediately visible effect on the treated area, and this will continue to improve as the sutures are absorbed and collagen production is boosted
  • The procedure is relatively ‘pain-free’ as the treatment includes a local anaesthetic.
  • There is no incision

Before & After

Jackie’s clients before and after treatment.

Before & After

Silhouette Soft ® before and after treatment.

Before & After

Full face & neck treatment before and 3 months after treatment.

Before & After

Mid face treatment before and 3 months after treatment.


This is a bespoke treatment and prices can vary on individual patient concerns. Prices start from £1,000

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